BigKids: some news from the studio

  1. We joinded Pusher, the ultimate monochrome photography community, check it out:

  2. Photographing the architecture at Antwerpse Ring. Embuild Belgium. For Kwin agency.

  3. Zine is also available in-store at Le Musée de la Photographie (Charleroi, Belgium).

  4. Zine is available in-store at The Tipi Bookshop (Brussels, Belgium).

  5. Just four weeks after editing Zine I had the incredible luck of finding another 15 slides from the same roll of film at another flea market.

  6. Permanent Exhibition at Ionnyk (Discovery Catalog Artists).

  7. We put some of our photos at Unsplash (you can use them for free). Our 2 cents.

  8. Exhibition at Wallride Gallery, Belgium.

  9. We are almost everywhere:
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  10. Meeting the BigKids David Werbrouck's interview at Leica.

  11. Captures movement, even in low light situations with the Leica SL. BigKids's photo featured at Leica's Instagram and Leica's Twitter.

  12. You need to gain acceptance and recognition from your peers by nonconformity. Be a rebel, be a BigKids. Burn the icon of conventionality.

  13. BigKids'Tshirt by Bigkids and GraphicFury.

  14. We were commissioned to help Cinelli and Jean-Luc Moerman to create an unique collection of 11 Fixies fully customized.